Established in the late 50's, GNC is the most sought-after club with its sporting and social activities.

The Club was leased from 1st July 1956 for 99 years, from the Gandhinagar Cooperative House Construction Society. The lease agreement was signed on 18th February 1959. Until 1960, playing cards was the main activity. Tennis was seriously adopted in 1960, with the laying of 2 courts. In 1969, a boundary wall was constructed on the Southern side. The Club continued to be a "tennis only" club for several years.

In 1991, new members were admitted and the new Club House plans were drawn. Construction began in 1992 and most of the facilities were made available from 1996. During this period, Justice K. Veerasamy was the first President of the Club. In 1961, Mr. B.R. Adityan became the President. Until 1999, the Club was mostly a Tennis Club. Since 2000, it has blossomed into a full fledged Club, boasting of nearly 10 sports activities, in addition to the restaurant and bar. Badminton, Tennis, Swimming, Billiards, Snooker, Squash are the sports that draw active member participation.

Today, the Gandhi Nagar Club is the most sought-after for membership with the various facilities and activities it has to offer. There are many social and family events, festivities and celebrations. Movie nights and Sunday brunches draw families together, lending to the Club's popularity in Chennai.


Entry to Gandhi Nagar Club facilities is restricted to Members and Members' Invited Guests Only. Members (and their Spouses and/or Dependents) are required to carry their identification cards within Club premises at all times. Please contact the Front Desk for applicable Rules and Guidelines for use of Club facilities.
Corporate Membership Applications are currently being entertained. Please contact the Gandhi Nagar Club Administrative Office for more information.